Singer/songwriter MATT TAELOR was born Matthew William Terzian on November 13, 1994 in Stamford, CT. “Taelor” originates from the English translation of Terzian.

MATT discovered his passion for music by the time he was two. At the age of four, MATT fearlessly took the stage for his debut public performance at a rodeo, in front of an audience of 1,000 people. This experience fueled his desire and commitment to pursue an artistic career.

By the time he was 14, MATT was already a seasoned singer and guitarist and had begun writing his own songs. He quickly amassed a fan base of friends and class mates and performed at local events and family gatherings.

During summer college breaks, MATT performed at clubs in New York City including The Bitter End, Carroll Place, Sidewalk Café, Leftfields and Prohibition. While at college, he performed at venues in the Miami area.

MATT has signed with The Orchard for distribution of his music and has retained Joel Schoenfeld, partner at Mitchell Silverberg and Knopp, as his legal representative. 

MATT’s songs reflect his inner thoughts and experiences in his life to date: love, romance, challenges and coping with others’ expectations. He writes with an understanding of shared universal themes, enabling the listener to connect with the feelings he expresses.


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